Our values


Anticipation :

Over the last 20 years we have used the Bossman Club and barometric studies to develop our network  to include every aspect of the distribution and catering circuits.This gives us a global view (360°) of the concerns and expectations of these circuits. We can thus anticipate the changes to come and build them into the services we provide.


Expertise :

All our consultants have significant experience of the firms involved in the circuits. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve the quality of our services: efficient, user-friendly tools (Studies), active tuition and digital tools (Training), collaborative working parties (Consultancy) and collaborative workshops (the Bossman Club). We have developed an expertise in collaborative management as we believe in people’s intelligence and involvement at work.


Complementarity :

All our activities - Studies, Training, Consultancy and the Bossman Club- share the common aim of helping you develop your performance in your markets. We have chosen to work with everyone involved in the distribution and catering circuits in order to have a global, complementary view everyone’s challenges and needs. Our teams constantly exchange information about their areas of expertise in order to provide you with the best solution.


Collaboration :

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of collaborative work. . In each of our missions we propose to introduce a collaborative approach involving the employees. . The services we offer are thus totally adapted to your needs and our solutions are adopted by the internal teams. . We have developed collaborative working parties with different members of the distribution circuits to help them find solutions for issues that they rarely come up against during sales negotiations.