The Barometer MDD edition 2020 : What to remember


An annual study carried out since 2015, the MDD barometer makes it possible to locate the level of service provided by manufacturers to the 7 main purchasing centers. As part of this 6th edition, distributors were asked from January 20 to March 13, 2020 to assess their suppliers using an online questionnaire. A total of 183 respondents participated in this survey and 63 industrialists were thus assessed.

What to remember from this 2020 edition

The level of satisfaction of the brands varies according to the product categories. Thus, out of all 14 categories analyzed this year, four of them stand out positively: as in 2019, sweet biscuits and canned vegetables are still well evaluated, to which this year add appetizers and LS cheese.

 The 3 plants most satisfied with the services offered by private label suppliers are Scamark and Auchan, as in 2019, as well as Provera.

Qualité Quality and Safety issues are those which, in line with the previous edition, are best mastered by manufacturers.

This theme collects the best performance score.

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