The Barometer CHD Liquid edition 2018: What to remember


As every year and since 2006, we carry out the CHD Barometer, which measures the quality of liquid industrial services delivered to distributors, namely both corporate headquarters and warehouses in the regions, and key account users (commercial catering, catering …) on the out-of-home circuits.

What’s important about this 2018 edition:

In a hypercompetitive market, manufacturers want to benchmark with other suppliers in order to assess their performance level and their progress points. Indeed, it is appropriate to adapt and meet the expectations of customers distributors and key account users. These are becoming more and more demanding with respect to beverage suppliers.

The level of satisfaction of distributors and users varies depending on the product categories. Indeed, of all the categories analyzed this year, two of them stand out positively from all the markets:

On the one hand, softs are popular with distributors at headquarters and warehouses.
On the other hand, brewers seem to bring greater satisfaction to key account users.

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